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Why cant i see other seeders besides myself in Utorrent?


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Hi all,

i am currently seeding for 7 files, and i can see the peers that i am connected to, but why cant i see which other seeders and how many other seeders are online right now doing the seeding as well?

I cant be the only one seeding for all these files.

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There is no need for a seed to stay connected to another seeder.. they have nothing to share eachother so they might connect transfer protocol data exhibiting such and then disconnect. You'll want to read the User Manual Ultima compiles, by pressing F1 in the client. Then look at the section on the main listview which explains the Peers and Seeds column and what the () mean.

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thanks for the quick reply.

i check out the faq using f1, but am still confused.

for example,

im the seeder and under the "seeds" tab, i see 0(34) and in "peers" i see 3(12).

That means that i am seeding for 3 peers, out of a total of 12 peers?

are the remaining 9 peers also online?

who are they downloading from?

it is from the 34 seeds, of which i am one?

Are these seeds and peer stats realtime?

thanks for your time.

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They are as close as possible, as close as they can be with real peers on currently. It is more accurate than a scrape, which you receive from the tracker when the torrent is stopped.

Yes, you are only connected to 3 of 12 reported peers (clients with < 100% of the files). Presumably they are connected elsewhere, unless you are firewalled in which case, maybe they don't exist, or are ... extra peers like ;)

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I apologize I was making -- a poor joke. I'll reference ultima http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?pid=408365#p408365 For clarity, localhost IS

As to your setup, are you finding you have many peers in your LAN 10.x.x.x?

ALL clients you connect to have an IP, which you can see if you turn off "Resolve IPs" in the Peers tab.

Again, I'm sorry if I confused you. Did you want anything else clarified after reading some of Ultima's manual?

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lol its ok, i got it!

no, im not seeing any peers in my LAN, and i can see the ip's with the country flags.

I was just confused about why i couldnt see other seeders, and i think you have clarified that for me.

i just had one quick question.

it seems that one particular tracker is always comes up as 'invalid URL', it begins with udp,for example:


i click on the update tracker button, but it still comes up with invalid url.

any idea why's that?

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