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"u" flag in utorrent


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I know that "u" flag means "Peer wants your client to upload, but your client doesn't want to"

My question is: Why my client does not want to upload to them? I don't want to stop uploading but it stoped them auto.

How to remove this flag because I want to download from that good seeders/leechers too.


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Your max upload speed is limited, splitting it too many ways is WORSE than reducing it.

It needs to average at LEAST 3 KB/sec per upload slot to be effective.

...While downloading it can be 10 KB/sec per upload slot, but much higher and there will be few peers willing to return the favor at equal or greater speed.

Because you are not interested in downloading from peers while seeding, that 10 KB/sec limit isn't necessary.

Unfortunately, you can only control upload slot speed by reducing max active torrents (in queueing) and by reducing upload slots per torrent (either individually or globally.)

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