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Private trackers "add by URL"


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I've been looking around in the WebUI forum, and I can't find how to add a torrent by url. I know the option to use, but it fails to add the torrent uTorrent back at home.

I'm sure it has to do with the private tracker. It has the announce url with my passkey embedded in it. I also have username and password for the actual site itself.

I've tried https://username:password@private.tracker.com/download?php=blablabla

Outside of that I have my passkey, but wouldn't know where to embed that in the URL for uTorrent to grab the file by URL.

I'm saying all this because I'm using a mobile phone, and I don't have the ability to download by torrent file. Only by URL.

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I'm sure you have me on the right track. It's going to be tough to find out what format my tracker uses.

According to what you pointed me to, it looks like I'll use.

http://mytracker.com/download?php=1234:COOKIE:username:1234:password:(cookie for FF 3)

Hopefully this gets me some head way. Like I said it'll be hard to find the tracker's format for it's authentication.


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Nice name Ultima.

You're really cool for walking me through this with the code you put up.

Sadly, another private tracker that seems to be a lot more stable and put together uses


That's all it uses, in my case

path = x/value/torrent.file

? = ?

var = passkey

value = xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

It works perfectly with WebUI.

It's this other tracker that's going to be a lot more tricky, since it seems to embed everything into the torrent file itself, and not the actual URL. I suppose their URL for the DL link is some sort of dummy that pulls something else with my credentials inside of it.

Very vexing, but you've really sorted me out.

Hopefully I can find it, since I frequent this other more complicated one.

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Thanks guys, the odd thing is, the tricky complicated tracker doesn't show up in the cookies really.

Only when I search, and even then it's just odd gibberish. No UID or anything like that.

They don't have an IRC or anything that I know of, plus I wouldn't know the formatting used to pull passkey into a URL. Maybe they just flat out don't allow it, and require you to download the actual .torrent

Anything you can think of I'm all ears, you've guys been a great help so far for sure.

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If this second private tracker handles everything in the URL, then you shouldn't need to use the so-called cookie method. That is, if you can access the .torrrent file simply by using the correct HTTP GET variables in the URL (passkey=...), then that makes it even easier than the cookie method.

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Yes Ultima the 2nd tracker works perfectly. I just simply copy the DL URL and add to WebUI.

Works perfectly. It has the ?id=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx directly on the download link.

The difficult tracker I suppose uses some php redirect to actually grab the torrent.

It sucks, cause that's the tracker I use most, and at work I can't access anything, but the cell phone webUI on Android is perfect. Except for this tracker. Maybe if understood what the actual download was or their variables I'd be fine with the COOKIE method.

Thanks guys, I hope I get it at some point.

Oh, what about the really long announce string? Will that work, I just opened the .torrent file in notepad to pull out info I thought I'd need.

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