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Instructions for port forwarding on DSL-G604/T/UK V.A1


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Unfortunately this router is not supported by PFconfig, and so I have to do it manually, but unfortunately the instructions are ambiguous to me, and after many hours of trying to get it right, I should be most grateful if someone would help me out.

I seem to have been able to set a static ip address satisfactorily.

Subject to much uncertainty as to what is intended, my reading of the instructions at www.portforward.com is that probably I should add a rule named Edonkey with port start, end and map set to 4672 for TCP and to 9919 for UDP, and a second rule named Utor1 with port start, end and map set to the port chosen by uTorrent as the 'port used for incoming connections' under options ¦ preferences ¦ connection, and that I should enable NAT-PMP port mapping, but not UPnP port mapping.

It hasn't worked, and being far from certain that I have understood the instructions is a major obstacle.

Can any one please help?

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Thankyou for replying.

I believe so - I have used the 'IP Address' that I get by running 'ipconfig /all'. I read somewhere - but cannot remember where - that I should remove the static ip address from the dhcp range, and I had overlooked that. So I have gone back and reduced the dhcp range by one and changed the static address to the one removed from the dhcp range. I still get an error message that the port in question does not appear to be open.

Any other ideas? Do things need to be restarted? Was my reading of the instructions for port forwarding correct? It seems odd that I need to set up port forwarding for both Edonkey, whatever that may be, and uTorrent.


Problem now solved. I needed to set my windows firewall to allow exceptions!

Thanks for your help.

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