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can someone tell me why the preview for my tab set looks weird on the skins page? it looks fine in µTorrent, but it's got weird outlines around some icons on the skins page.



edit: the tab set is crystal svg

edit 2: i looked through the thread and reuploading gimmicky stuff seems to be the general cure or whatever, so i did that. didn't make any difference.

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Probably has something to do with the image format (what kind of transparency in the BMP)...? I *think* I recall this type of problem happening before... don't remember solution. Determination, or someone equally knowledgeable in this area?

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New version of Skins Browser out!

What's new:

- Categories are separate now

- Loading time is twice as fast

- Much easier and faster edit/delete dialog

- Sortable columns (click on column header to sort the skins)

- Cache problems *should* be gone as well

Phew, that was quite a lot of work ;)

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you need to save the file with no background whatsoever. This make the semi-transparent edge blur to whatever is below, not a specific color.

thanks for the info. i've edited the file. it hasn't changed on the site, but i think i need to give it some time to change it. i'll check later.

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