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why not?


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why are you guys not acepting feature requests like those two:

"select/unselect files filter" having a torrent with something like 1110 files witch like 112 of those are thumbs.db could be easily unselected using a simple "*.db" filter right!? and that's just one example... (doing it one by one is just boring) and still this are small files but imagine with big files... taking long to download and after that having to delete them with windows search awesome FAIL. (oh and just not forget the space needed for files that we don't want)

"send message" come on spam? it's not just a way to spread spam and also it would still be an option remember the enable/disable thing? other bittorrent clients has this... and even with other protocols like ed2k (emule) and direct conect protocol (dc++)... remember this is still a p2p comunity, share stuff, talk to each others and stuff like that. we don't need a full instant messaging client but just a right click on the peer and a option called "send message" would be already enough. and then there would be still ways to make it less anoying like letting it just send one text message limited to 100chars for example and until the the other side the peer ansers or not than it would be impossible to send more text to him. i mean just add this feature that can be disabled or enabled with just a few "no spam" rules would be it. we just need to find a way that people agree overall with this stuff. maybe even making it like: right click "request chat" and letting the other side decide by himself and like with other stuff people dening request would not be known the the other side...

both of these features can be very helpfull and just saying "NO!" isn't a answer... or even saying because of spam isn't an answer as it isn't 100% right and accurate.

i think there should be more listening to users... looks like utorrent beeing part of bittorrent inc has something todo with that! as all other major bittorrent clients have those features.

well enough said let's give people the right to comment/post they're opinion/feedback about this. (talk and share ideas...)

ps: i just remembered another thing what about letting people select a file and chose to get the first and last bites of the file first/high priority? yes this can affect sharing... but still has it's pro's. (also think both sides the good and bad of it and try find a way todo it without being "bad")

maybe a poll for those kind of features would be a better way to see what the comunity thinks about it.

btw sorry for my bad english. (i'm not sure if i explained my point of biew very well LOL)

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I was aware when I posted. ;)

As far as "every client" having stuff.. I know of Bitcomet having chat, but then again it's not a bittorrent client. It's a file manager and has been around since the dark ages :P As far as Vuze being chat-enabled, I believe that's still provided by a plugin. Given the desire to keep things self-contained in one executable, and with the UNIX philosophy of "Do one thing--Do it WELL" that's not happening.

As far as files... filtering, If someone created the torrent with volatile files, I'd hope the first user to spot this PMed the uploader about it so a fix could be made, with those in particular noone would likely be able to become a true seeder 1) because of cross file pieces 2)if someone who WOULD NOT get the access denied errors on thumbs.db didn't download them, the uploader would have to remake anyway.

Where were you talking about it anyway? There are several proposals about the Add Torrent dialog as well as the Files tab. Ideally they could copy the custom treeview dialog from Add-> and put it in Files tab, but that would hopefully not mess with the listview properties, being able to see/select other files.

Actually the easiest way I could think of, which has also been mentioned, is to create a column for "File Extension" so those who desire, could simply sort by that, in a large file compilation torrent. Thoughts?

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"Actually the easiest way I could think of, which has also been mentioned, is to create a column for "File Extension" so those who desire, could simply sort by that, in a large file compilation torrent. Thoughts?"

yes that could do it :cool:

about the chat thing lets try to find a "clean" way to do it then. for example right click on the peer chose "send message" and the peer gets the text on the logger tab (enabling messages log).

come on do you really think this would open the front door for spamming or spreading anytipe of bla bla bla?

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Do I think... let me put it this way, to update http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=33939 I installed LimeWire for all of 5 minutes, and as soon as I opened the program the "chat" window popped up. I didn't even have anything to share.

As far asa legitimate uses outweighing spamming sure, I'm sure for those who 1) are motivated to keep that kind of thing open and 2) are actually at their computers it might be a faster way than to post a message at the place the user actually uploaded the torrent to... but in a similar skein as federated search... federated chat won't be in uT :P

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but that's the case with limewire that simply sucks just as kazaa and other lame p2p derivates... that btw are full of bloatware and some even powered by viruses... LOL come one let's get serious with the oficial emule client that don't happen.

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It is better to have a robust, dedicated chat program than one 'bolted on as an afterthought' to BitTorrent...that many people will disable the moment after they get their FIRST message.

Adding a chat feature would be a HUGE time-waster for BitTorrent programmers...taking away from time they could be doing other things.

Would they have to extend BitTorrent protocol to do it?

Would it create noticeable additional loads on already marginal networking hardware/software?

Would everyone go by their ip address or will be have to create nicknames?

Will there be a dedicated server that messages pass through so authorities can monitor what we say? (got to have special provisions for wiretapping!)

Or will the chat be encrypted in some way?

Will the messages be handled like pop-up ads, web banners, email, message forums, or irc?

How's AFK messages going to be handled, so people aren't yelling at seeders for not uploading more?

Will it support emot icons for conveying moods?

Anyone who seriously considers all this will realize it's a SERIOUSLY bad idea.

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bad issue or NOT its something that could be very helpful. Ive been downloading torrents and there have been times when there is only 1 or 2 people who have it at 100%. Being able to communicate with them to simply ask them to seed longer would be a very nice option.

and who gives a crap about spam....i guess its too difficult for you to click the little x at the top of the window?

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