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uTorrent 1.8.1 - speed strangely reduced from 32 to 28 kB/s


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I am facing this strange problem, speeds got reduced from 32 to 28 kB/s. I wanted to increase this speed. Am using this set up:

Firewall - Kaspersky 7.x suite and Windows Firewall disabled.

uTorrent - net.max_halfopen = 256. Changed the Windows XP TCP connections to 256 too.

My question is, how to increase the download speed? And, why the speed fell to 28 kB/s? Is it because of Kaspersky? I am not sure but I think this speed fell after this firewall installation.

My anguish is even with thousands of seeds in pool I don't get any good speeds, takes lot of time to download a file. Say, some 8 hours for a 700MB linux distro file. Quite painful :(

Please suggest me with a solution.



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Thanks for the response. I've finished these two steps:

> Firstly, 1.8.2 is the lastest stable, upgrade your client.

> Secondly, net.max_halfopen = 256 is completely useless. Set to default 8 or lower (like 4)

I did reset the TCP value to 10 in the OS and the uTorrent (XP default value). Is that ok? Or, should I reset to 8 or 4 as you suggested?

I did also I set these values in the uTorrent settings as explained in that table:

> 256 kbit/sec 22 3 35 60 2 1

Still I don't see any speed difference till now (but sometimes it touches to 29 ot 30 kB/sec, doesn't stay in that speed more than 2 or 3 seconds!).

> To configure KIS, where should I need to add these values as explained in that URL:





> And what will be my port value like here:

Name=Allow TCP Connections [iN] ([YOUR PORT])

I am not clear with these settings please help.

Big thanks,


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umm....there can be a number of reasons as to why the download speed decreased by just 4 Kbps, a seed or peer from whom you were downloading probably just went offline or something. Even though there are thousand of seeds/peers, the loss of a single high-speed seed form whom you were downloading can still effect your speeds.

That's why I always log the IP addresses of high-speed seeds and peers and save them in a text file. So if, at a later stage, you are no longer connected to it, you can add it by entering the IP address and port number. Helps when you just lost connection to the seed/peer, but obviously nothing can be done if the seed/peer just stopped seeding and/or went offline.

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... If you only have xx/256 Kbit per sec upload you can't push out more than 32. Theoretically, in practice it's closer to 30. If you're sending out 28 of data that's very good. After having turned off all the options Switeck mentioned, you can't do anything else other than run fewer torrents at a time connecting to fewer peers. :/

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I used to get up to 34 Kbps with the same 256 kbps line but it crashed to 28 kbps. I am wondering:

a) Is it because of Kaspersky 7.x suite? If yes, how to get max. speed?

B) Is it something to do with my ISP?

c) Problem in the Windows XP SP2?

> you can't do anything else other than run fewer torrents at a time connecting to fewer peer

Yes, presently net.max_halfopen = 4 but nothing happening. Earlier I used to keep 128 or 256.

Please suggest


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