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Torrent Grouping idea

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I'm not sure if anyone has suggested this already, but I've thought to myself that this would be incredibly helpful while torrenting in the past and finally registered here to suggest it.

It seems like a simple enough suggestion (hoping it's not something you can already do and I'm just a noob @ utorrent): I'd like to be able to group my torrents into folders or categories from the main screen. Note that this wouldn't change where the files download, just how they are displayed within utorrent. This would be helpful in a few ways.

I'm on several private trackers, if I need to get my ratio up on one site, I might limit my bandwidth on all torrents not on that particular tracker. This is a pain in the ass if I have 100 torrents going, and can't group them by tracker. I have to look through the list, 1 by 1, and changing the individual upload/download speed properties to limit them. If it were possible to select all of the torrents from each tracker, and make a folder in utorrent with that tracker for the name, and just right click and change the properties on that group, I'd be a happy person. When torrents are added, utorrent could prompt for what group you'd like the torrent to download under.

It would also be great for grouping tv shows. If you're snatching older seasons, you can get them all in one large group on utorrent. If you're getting a current season, they download one by one. Since I seed for my private trackers at all times, 20+ episode seasons start to take up a LOT of unnecessary space in utorrent, I'd just like to group them all within a "Season 0x" folder within uttorent, and THEN see them all within there.

The left side filters for All, Downloading, Active, Inactive would only display the groups with the correspond torrents in them, but you'd still need to navigate through the folders to see what ones. Maybe some people could find that annoying, but I feel like my utorrent is becoming more difficult to manage as I seed for more and more torrents. If I could organize them somehow, that would be great.

Let me know what you guys think! I hope I was clear enough in describing my idea, apologies for any typos.

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hey fs. glad you found the suggestion compelling enough to register and post. I think its a good idea. what do you think of torrents with multiple trackers? labels are two dimensional in nature (unless you went toward a multiple tag search scheme). i think it'd be useful to have a view specifically by keyword search. Kind of the way RSS works.

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Labels don't fix my problem, seeing as I can only create one label for a torrent. If I could do multiple labels for torrents, then I could sort them based on difference categories (such as a specific tv show, warez, tracker, etc) and then call on the ones I want. One label per torrent does help me categorize them SLIGHTLY, but not nearly enough to keep things as clean as I'd like. If I were allowed to make multiple labels for a torrent, my problems would indeed be solved.


What do I think of torrents with multiple trackers? What about them? If the multiple labeling idea went through, that would be problem solved and you could categorize a torrent as having more than one tracker (if that's how you choose to organize things). The thing about my grouping idea is that anyone can sort their torrents however they like, you and I might handle that situation differently. I might split that torrent up, create two torrent files (one with each tracker) and set them both to that file. Then I could organize those torrents how I like, label or categorize them as I see fit. You might go a different route, group that torrent with any other torrents that have the same multiple trackers.

The point is you can organize things however you like, it wouldn't be done automatically by any means. I'd just like a drag and drop / create new group thing going on. Torrents wouldn't HAVE to be in a group. Think of it like navigating folders in windows explorer, you can create folders wherever you like and put whatever files you want in them. Then if I want to change various settings (up or down speeds, adding trackers), I can select all the groups I'd like, which could include however many torrents I've decided to put in them.

Edit: Adding to my idea, I didn't want to double post.

You should also be allowed to turn grouping off, even while using it. Picture navigating through the groups like I was suggesting, similar to going through file directories in windows explorer. There should be an option to shut grouping off, so you are suddenly able to see all torrent files within your current viewing group, and the files within each group below it. If anyone made a lot of sub-groups, this would be handy in picking out certain files from within each group (instead of going through all of your groups one by one). So if you were at the top level, turning grouping off would make utorrent look exactly like it does now. Turing grouping back on would instantly regroup the torrents as they just were.

Right clicking torrents should allow you to see what groups they are currently in (sort of like the labeling feature does now).

Turning off grouping would also be incredibly helping when using the current category list (all, downloading, completed, active, inactive) so that you see individual torrents. Just one more thought.

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Hopefully "per label rules" get increased priority in the TODO...after you know keeping things working OK ;)

Useful threads discussing the matter http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=11514 http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=3575

OT: I just spent the last bit reading "eventually" posts. I love search, lol Better yet search on your favorite poster

Whether automatic or manual, it's been requested before. Incorporating "Libraries" from Vista/Win7 is interesting, and the purely aesthetic is.. purely aesthetic, so why bother.

Why would one want to turn off grouping? Unless you're not looking at the torrents, only the component files..

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