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Problem - utorrent & vista


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I have a problem. I had 7 windows and now Windows Vista. In the folder %appdata%, I saved the files and copied to a folder in Windows Vista. The problem is that it does not report any problem, a file does not show in client but I got it over 300 torrents.

How do I resolve this problem?

P.S. I reset the computer and the client, but does not help.

Many thanks for help!

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Weird. that is currently not possible to get these files back to the client?

edit #1: There can be another problem. system was installed at 13.5.2009, 16:16:29, last changed the file was (resume.dat): 13. may 2009, 15:30:13

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So I must watch the appended Renaming files?

But I do not understand this:

@ for / r% i in (*. bc!) do @ move "% ~ fi" "% ~ dpni"

what is bc?

and this:

Open the location folder for the partially downloaded files you need to rename.

Location folder is %appdata% - utorrent or what?

Thanks for help!

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