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'Remove torrent+data" ruined my hard disk


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Okay. Recently I noticed that my hard disk is getting used up way too fast for no reason at all. Now I know why.


About two days ago, I downloaded a torrent which was about 4 gb in size. However, after I started the download and the bar was at 3%, I noticed that the seed to peer ratio was very bad. So I right clicked my torrent and selected the "Remove torrent + data option". Okay. Done.

So I downloaded another torrent file, but when I clicked "Start" it said that there was no hard disk space in that drive. I was confused. I redownloaded the torrent, and again I noticed that the seed to peer ratio was bad. Did 'remove torrent + data" again. Boom, another 4 gb gone down the drain. I had cleared up about 5 gb of files which I didn't want just an hour ago and now it says that I have hard disk space shortage.


Since I didn't have any space left on my 'D' Drive, I decided to use the F drive. The F drive had about 3 gb space, and the file I wanted to download was 1.7 gb. After starting the download, it worked very well, but I had to restart my computer for something else, so I closed uTorrent. When I switched on my computer again, the download speed was hopeless. I decided to use the "remove torrent + data" option again and restarted the torrent. Now, the speed was fine. Everything was fine. Except... my hard drive. Same thing again. 1.7 gb missing.

From this I learned that I SHOULD NEVER, EVER USE THIS OPTION AGAIN. I'm going to stick to the ("Remove torrent" and then manually delete the folders) method.

I don't know how many gigabytes this has ruined, but I bet it's a lot. I've used this options many times, but didn't notice the hard disk difference. If anyone knows how I can get my disk space back, please reply. Even if you don't, this should atleast serve as a thread for other downloaders.

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