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Speed dramatically reduced for past week. Had ISP out to "fix" problem


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We've always had a steady download rate, something averaging around 256kb/s

This past week, i'm not breaking 10kb/s.

Attempts to fix this problem:

- I've already had suddenlink out here, they checked everything.

- Speedtest.net is showing me an average of 6mb/s.

- I've optimized my uTorrent settings to the recommended settings.

- Firefox can download a file at 400+kb/s.

- I've used multiple torrent programs, and both Vuze and uTorrent are not breaking this pattern.


That is the average way it's been going for about a week. I can't think of anything else to fix this that I haven't already tried. Help!

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You don't have a quota or bandwidth allotment on your plan?

You really should stop using Force-Start as a catch-all. I see that 1 torrent is really peer-poor so that's understandable... and with only 114 peers connected over 7 torrents you may have a connectivity problem. What settings are you set for in the Speed Guide? 6Mbit is your download speed. Firefox being able to download that fast means you should be able to break or at least meet that with http://slackware.com/torrents/

I'd try running it on-top of everything else running, if nothing improves, pause your peer-poor torrents and stop the rest. Then try running Slackware as the only torrent.

Have you changed any other settings in uT's Preferences maybe under Connection or Advanced ? Are you using any security/ AV/ firewall software which could be interfering? How about installing new programs around the time of the slowdown? Did you go through the sticky labelled Read Me in my sig?

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