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I use uTorrent version 1.8.2 and I am trying to download but it seems to be going really slow (avg. 5.6 kB/s).

There is a red icon at the bottom and sometimes it turns yellow.

My speed test is:


I use a wireless D-link model: DWL-G122 USB adapter.

I dont know what to do...

Somebody help please!!

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You'll probably see slightly faster download/upload speeds if you disable: DHT, LPD, and Resolve IPs.

Lowering bt.connect_speed to only 1-4 (this is new outgoing connection attempts per second) and net.max_halfopen to 4 (how many total outgoing TCP connection attempts to have at once) might also slightly increase download/upload speeds.

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I did everything it said, turned everything off.

net.max_halfopen was 8 and I put 4 like said

bt.connect_speed was 20 and I also put 4

peer.resolve_country was false and I left it false

bt.transp_disposition was 0 and I put 5

peer.lazy_bitfield was true and I left it true.

I turned off all DHT, LPD and unchecked Resolve IPs

And turned off UPnP and NAT-PMP

I did everything it said but now it just stopped downloading, no peers anymore and no seeds too.

what to do now??

here are some more info to help...if it does.

Firewall uTorrent exception is on

I use Avast anti virus 4.8 proffesional

I opened a port (21637) but at the port checker it says it does not apear to open

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Eeeew. OK, so even with http://slackware.com/torrents/ the file you were getting before it stopped as well?

The purpose of turning those features off is to leave more of your little available bandwidth for actual data transfer. Unfortunately if your ISP is interfering with your downloading ability, you might need to leave DHT on. It's not alot of bandwidth but it is some. Alternatively, it's possible the ISP may have started actively disrupting or shaping connections. Are there any news on that in your local p2p or print media?

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OK so, yeah transp_disposition isn't supported for your version? If you Alt-H-A what build of 1.8.2 are you using? Don't worry about it though, keep it at 0.

See if changing thing back again helps... since your theoretical maximum is only < 32 KiB / sec every little bit helps, right ;)

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Lol, OK then. So leave things as you had them.

I'm sorry I must have been... having visual impairment when I saw your speedtest. You can get close to your theoretical 32 KiByte / sec down on slackware... You're paying for a 256 Kbit downspeed line yes? Unfortunately the upload is keeping you from sharing effectively, @ 10:1 ratio your speedtest shows you can upload a TOTAL of maybe 4 KiByte / sec. And Given the overhead traffic created with the stuff that's still on You get ~ 3-3.5 to work with within uT, that is if you're not doing other things on your line.

Does the speed problem seem to get better during different parts of the day? Have you checked a local torrent/site in ptbr langset? I'd mention http://dattebayo.com but apparently they took down their international operation :(

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