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why the sudden drops in speeds when adding a new torrent?


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dont get me wrong: it's not a problem, i'm just curious

i noticed that both dl & ul speeds drops down (a lot i mean, like 80%) for about 2 seconds when i add a new torrent.

after that, everything comes back to normal

anyone knows what makes µ behave this way?

(note: am using the latest beta. i dont know if earlier versions do this too)

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Actually, I think what is happening is that the brief CPU/memory/HDD draw for the brief seconds it takes to draw the dialogue boxes on the screen slowed down the downloading processing.

To see something similar in action, use something so you can constantly see how fast you are DL/ULing (I use Cfossspeed), set Low_CPU to True, and then when the connection looks stable, start working. If you are quick you'd catch brief dips as programs load.

Some have also seen something like this when they set their GUI update speeds too fast.

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