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Error: file could not be accessed because it is already being used...


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First off, I'd like to say I just recently found/got uTorrent, so any replies, if you could, please be put in a way a new guy like me could understand...

Anywho, I started to download a file, got 50% through, and my internet went out. I stopped the download and waited for my internet to comeback, and now about after 10min I push, force download, the error: "File could not be accessed because it is already being used by another process" pops up, and the .1% I got from that 10min goes away.

I look at the help, but I don't really get what it's saying. I'm not even sure what could also be "using" the downloading file, but none the less it still pops up.

Perhaps someone here could explain it better, and tell me how to fix this?

Thanks in Advance...

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If you're running any media library software, try disabling it temporarily. If you get this often, you could post the logfiles from the bottom of the sticky linked in my signature as Read Me.

What the error means is that when uT wanted to write to the file, or even open it for seeding.. some other program was saying "nope, you can't do that, I've got it". It's analogous to trying to get into a keyed-entry building with only 1 lock, but there's a guy sitting outside with HIS KEY in the lock and won't move to keep things running smooth. As I mentioned media software can do this, and sometimes AV/security software.

There are several workaround, such as ignoring the downloading folder (the one in Ctrl-P > Directories) and also creating a "complete folder" so they do get scanned eventually. Other times the software needs to be uninstalled... it all depends, whether you want to test alot and/or if you want to create/post the logfiles in the thread here for someone to look at.

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Sorry for the bump, however,

DeadWingKnight stated:

"Ritual hijackthis log requested."

What does this mean?

I Checked the help manual to make sure its not in there, and it isn't.

What exactly is it and what does it do?

(Sorry if I sound so dumb right now, again, very new to this...)

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