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Slowness when I disable UPnP


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I have a dlink dir-615 router, and long story short you have to turn half the features off or else it doesn't work for crap. If I don't have UPnP and some other features disabled, I get connections that turns into a zombie all the time. So, unless I keep it off I will have to reboot the router constantly so I don't want it on (not to mention I am leery of it from security standpoint).

The problem is, now I get terrible, terrible download speeds with utorrent (or anyway, much less than before). I have the port I'm using forwarded but the rest of them are blocked off. Is there anything I can do to make uTorrent work well without turning on UPnP? I don't mind forwarding the high range of ports if that will help, but I am not sure that will even help me because without UPnP it seems like it would not make use of them anyhow, right?

Now I see why this router was 40 bucks. Is there some way to get this resolved without spending 100 bucks on a router that (hopefully) sucks a little less?

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