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IPStar Issues? Anyone Know The Trick To This?


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I have been through the threads seeing what everyone else has done with satellite connections, and here is my issue.

I have a 512/512 plan, and I am able to download at a maximum of 50kb/sec at night, but during the day I can pull maybe a max of 10kb/sec. If I am lucky. I have forwarded my port and get a GREEN light, and the website says I am good. I wanted to see if there is perhaps something else that I could try to get more speed.

When I forward a port do I need to forward it to what my IP looks like (outside in the world) to everyone else or just to my local IP within my network?

I am guessing that IPSTAR is throttling my torrents and letting me download at night, but I could be wrong, if someone sees something painfully obvious that I have missed can you let me know.

Nat: Enabled

Multicast: Enabled

Nettgain: Enabled

BstTimeout: Disabled

NetBIOS : Disabled

ICMP : Enabled Packet Size 92 Bytes

NAT Pass Thru Port:

Description Proto Public Port Private Port Private IP

Utorrent tcp 19566 19566

Utorrent tcp 19567 19567

UTorrent udp 6969 6969

UTorrent tcp 9502 9502

UTorrent udp 9502 9502

Static Routes:


Nettgain Pass Thru Connection(5 conns limit):

Description Proto Dest IP Dest Port Source IP Source Port

flow0 tcp 9502 9502

Ethernet Alias Interfaces(3 interfaces limit): None.

Checking port 9502 on



Port 9502 is open and accepting connections.

You will be able to receive incoming BitTorrent connections.



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Another IPStar ISP user http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?pid=410064#p410064

You can go through the sticky for turning off things you don't need. I.E. DHT, if you're forwarded, it's just impacting the additional data flow you can get.

As far as the setup you pasted, you have multiple ports setup for uT, you know? If you're able to always upload at those xx512 speeds maybe you could be nice and throttle it down too. Hmm popped in "IPStar AUP" into google, to see if they mention times/days they shape you below your advertised/leased speeds. Check out the whirlpool forum.

Other than that, any specific questions?

Edit: I just found http://www.aussiebroadband.com.au/satellite-transfer.html Is that IPStar's face for you, "Aussie Broadband" they list their peak times.

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Strange, though, because I am in Cambodia and I run on the Mfone brand which is an unlimited plan.........and they cant even build a highway let alone limit bandwidth one would think...yeah I am on a schedule for sure, because before 7am this morning I was doing 60kb/sec and now I came back to check the forum and 8kb/sec. Didnt touch anything.....Unlimited plan doesnt feel so unlimited....

Thanks for the info.

As far as the setup you pasted, you have multiple ports setup for uT, you know? <-- Is that bad?

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Well, if you look for your local ISP's pages, look for AUP FUP (acceptable usage policy, fair usage policy), or look like on that page where it mentions "peak hours"

uT's Speed tab, scaled to 5 min intervals shows 10 hours of data, so if you can show that to your ISP if they don't tell you outright on the page, you can ask them maybe if they will discount you some time? I'd say shop around, but if you've already chosen a satellite ISP it means you're likely limited :) Are there other questions you had?

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Not a big deal I suppose, 12 hours of speed, 12 hours of seeding...my machine never shuts off except a restart every 4 hours or so. So whatever I host will get plenty of uploading in the daylight hours.....I think I may have a daily cap, I routinely pull 1.1GB each night then the speed hits the brakes.

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