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Regular CPU spikes


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I made the switch to uTorrent when version 1.0 was released and have been a pretty happy camper until recently. This last month after upgrading to 1.4 I have been experiencing regular 100% CPU spikes. If I go back to 1.2.2, the spikes still occur.

I have read the FAQ and many posts here about this issue but cannot resolve the problem at this stage.

PC Specs

P4-2.8Ghz 756Mb RAM


Netgear DG834G Router

Mcafee 2005 (AV only)


40Gb/200Gb HDD

A test of several things, plus a test firing of uTorrent 1.4 on my Duron dual boot (McAfee AV 2004, 756mb RAM has resulted in a clearing of the mud so to speak.

The Duron shows a steady CPU use of 3-6% on a sub 350mb torrent.

Duron Specs

Duron 1.3Ghz 756Mb RAM


(same router) LAN

Mcafee 2004 (AV only)

20Gb HDD

My P4 main use PC running uTorrent 1.4 (McAfee AV 2005, PG2 and 756mb RAM) has a CPU use of 6-20% with a 600mb torrent but as soon as a 1gb+ file is added to the mix, CPU use spikes 100% on a regular interval, presumably as the cache is written to the HDD (all DMA).

DHT is active and if shut off, has no effect.

I am rapidly coming to the conclusion that Utorrent simply cannot cope with 1GB+ files. Certainly on this machine.

I will test the Duron shortly with a 1GB+ file to see if that gives the same spikes.

This spiking as mentioned before has only recently begun occurring on my P4 so I am at a loss to work out what has caused this issue.

Anyone else have the same issue with larger files and is this perhaps a correct assumption?

I really want to continue using uTorrent!

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Both PC's have two HDD's

P4 40Gb/200Gb

Duron 20Gb/20Gb

I noticed whilst using Process Explorer that SH.EXE under the uTorrent header appears during the spikes. Any ideas why and how to fix?

This has become an issue over the last month, I have dowloaded a heap of 8Gb files with no issues previously.

The Duron is spiking at 56% which is a lot better than 100%

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...sounds like some kind of a Worm/Virus to me... :/

You have a beefier PC than I do (P4C 2.6 GHz, 512 MB RAM), and I've downloaded 4.3 GB+ torrents before, so I'm pretty confident it's not µTorrent causing the excessive CPU usage. Something else is draining your reources. :|

1.) Dump McAfee, use ClamWin. Update it and scan everything, and I do mean EVERYTHING.

2.) I hope you're already familiar with Ad-Aware, Spybot S&D and SpywareBlaster, if not, download and install them A.S.A.P.

3.) DMA is enabled on all your drives, right?

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I suspected that but have not detected a virus whatsoever.

I also run Ad-Aware and Spybot regularly. All my drives are DMA enabled as well

The CPU spiking only occurs whilst running uTorrent.

edit: hmmm, seems to be caused by torrents from one particular site that are over 1GB in size. Shut those down and no spikes whilst two torrents (1.4Gb and 600Mb) are active.

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I might well try that, although the AV seems to unloaded itself from memory.

It is weird though, that this one sites torrents are causing the issue.

I am getting a new PC next month and I am very tempted to install AVG instead of McAfee. So to further experiment I will remove McAfee from the Duron and install AVG to see how that goes.

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