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storing completed downloads in an organised fashion


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hey all, wondering if anyone has any suggestions, had a quick look for answers on here but didnt find any.

I realise UT has the option to specify a place for torrents while downloading, then a place to move when done. I have always kept these the same, and just had a 'pool' or library of content in a folder called, get-this, uTorrent.. =p

Shortly I'll be rebuilding this PC, and I intend to create a store on lets say Z:, which has a structured file system for different types of stuff, be it audio, images etc...

What I will look to do is use a C: folder for the downloads while in progress, but on completion, my requirement would be to move to z:\[some basic path but relevant to the torrent]\[torrent path].

Looking at my current setup, i dont see how this is possible? I suspect before adding a torrent to uTorrent, I could adjust the path to move files to, for the next torrent, but i dont think that is torrent specific - and would only fire when one completes, which would be hard to predict if running several or over night. If this would work let me know.

Or failing that, the question becomes, how can one adjust the location of a complete torrent, so that i could move the complete data to a landing folder on the Z: - then manually file it into a folder structure where i want, but still keeping it as a complete torrent so can remain as a seed etc etc..

Any help greatfully received =]]]


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