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Difficulty in uploading to dimeadozen


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I am one step away from having a (music) upload accepted [dimeadozen] but get the following message:

Upload action failed


A plain text info file (.txt, .asc) was not found in your torrented data or it was too small foe a valid info file DIME requires you to include such a file in your torrented data, see FAQ


On the submission form from 'dimeadozen' the 'info space' which is blank has the note "Optional" only plain text files with extention .txt or .asc will be accepted.


I have tried entering the performance details in normal text (did not work) also entered the info such as CD>WAV>FLAC but this also did not work'

Why does it get rejected if I leave it blank, and what info am I supposed to enter

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Quite right. At least the link I found via google was useless >< http://wiki.dimeadozen.org/index.php/DimeFAQ:Frequently_Asked_Questions#Uploading_a_new_torrent

So. I'd say, if you look at uploads others have made or you have downloaded. Open the folder, look for as they say .TXT or .ASC files.

Usually, for instance, people include stuff like http://bt.etree.org/details.php?id=525128 c/o


You STILL need to ask them what stuff they want in the description file. We can't help you any more. Unless you require help in something related to uTorrent itself.

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