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Accidentally Moved Incomplete Files


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Hey guys,

First of all I'm new to using torrents so please excuse any apparent ignorance.


What I stupidly did was to move the incomplete files that I was actively downloading to a different folder. The initial error read "Invalid download state, try resuming". I've tried moving the files back but utorrent doesn't seem to be recognising them. Since trying to move them back to their original location I've encountered an error to effect of "access denied".

I've tried moving the incomplete files to a completely new folder and attempting to "[re]set the download location" as I have seen suggested on other threads, but this has just put the progress back to 0%.

Any help would be appreciated!

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Stop the torrent job.

Move your incomplete files (if it's not already yet) in their initial folder.

Set download location (right click).

Force a recheck.

Restart the torrent job.

Another solution is to erase the torrent job (keep a copy of .torrent) but not teh data and reload the .torrent into uT. uT will recheck the torrent and resume it.

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Once I moved them back to their initial folder and attempted to force a recheck I get "Error: access is denied". I get this same message if I attempt to restart the download in this way.

When I erase the torrent job and reload it, even when forcing a recheck, uT doesn't recognise the incomplete data and begins downloading from 0%. These were quite large files at almost 90% when I stupidly moved them so I dont want to have to start again ><

Is there anything I can do to get around this?


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I figured out the problem. In transferring the files I renamed them - this was why uT wasn't recognising them. Another silly mistake. (Sorry guys - I said I wasn't very good at torrents!)

In any case I moved them back to their original locations, renamed them and succesfully resumed the download.

Thanks alot for your help and advice moogly and jewelisheaven :)

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