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How to web seed more than one file ?


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I need to seed more than one file but when I upload for example my 5 files on the net and create a torrent from them I actually cannot download them from the web seed ....

If the file is just on it works fine.But to make a torrent from 5 files u need to put them in a same folder and I think this is the problem ... the terrent does not see them as a single files anymore it looks for the folder ...

any fix for this problem ?

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The spec(s) are @ http://bittorrent.org/beps/bep_0000.html under 17 and 19 but what's relevant here is GetRight, as the other (Hoffman) spec requires changes to the HTTPD.

You setup the files on the webserver, in the same structure as in the torrent. If it's under \folder1\folder2\data.jpg + data.zip + data.png all three are under the two-tiered the URL would be http://mysite.com/ with folder1\folder2\ as subfolders off that with all 3 files in folder2

If it's under \folder1\data.jpg \folder1\folder2\data.zip + data.png then the URL would still be http://mysite.com with folder1 as subfolder with data.jpg in it, as well as folder2 which has data.zip and data.png in it

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it's confusing :)

The bad thing is that ,this great site http://www.downloadtaxi.com/ offers great file hosting and gives you direct link to the download,but the file size can be only 25 MB .... too bad :)

and my connection is to slow to upload the torrent i want to put on the net ...

anyway tnx and I think I have to fine hosting which gives me 3 gigs disk space + unlimited file size + unlimited downloads ...

If anyone knows pls to direct me to one


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