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100/100 - Utorrent cant handle it?


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Hi i have a full dublex 100/100 Mbit connection and im using a good computer and Windows XP.

I have a problem and i have searched for an answer many many hours.

So, when i download something in full speed (11700 KBytes/s) my uploadspeed drops to 3000 KBytes/s. As soon the download is complete the uploadspeed goes up to 11700 KBytes/s.

I have tried everything without any solution. I tried the Deluge torrentsoftware and then it was vice-versa.... High upload and low download...

Problem no 2. There is 200 leechers, why cant i connect to more than 1/3? Im just using like 1/10 of my bandwidth.

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I don't know if you're firewalled in uTorrent, potentially blocking 1/4 to 4/5th of all seeds/peers.

Even if not firewalled, it's possible the others on the torrent have already reached THEIR connection max.

I don't know if your router (if you have one) can hold up under the traffic load of your connection.

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