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wireless port trouble


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we've got a wireless network which is shared between two laptops, mine and my flatmate's. she uses azareus, i use utorrent. the problem is that she gets 10 times the speeds i get. i also get a nat error, what's that? the utorrent port check says that the port i'm using is closed, but if it were, shouldn't it be closed for both of us? changing ports does'nt help. i'm using symantec firewall, but i can't seem to find any problems with it, at least closing it doesn't remedy the problem. i hope someone here can help me, because i've gone through all the settings i can think of, and nothing's helped. thanks in advance!

EDIT: by the way, my upload speed is often 4 to 6 times higher than my dl speed. just mentioning it, in case it has something to do with my problem.

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