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All Seeders Choked


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My average speed now is 7kB/s (sometimes even reaching 0.1 kB/s sad )...but my average speed before was 54kB/s (peak is 101kB/s =) before but that only happened once).

I have noticed that most of the seeders which I have connected to are choked making them useless in my perspective... there are 109 seeders in the torrent I'm downloading but all their flags show that they are choked.

the logger tab of uTorrent usually shows:

"[2009-05-17 20:45:58] [µTorrent 1.8.1 (29.1)]: Got Have 479"


"[2009-05-17 20:46:04] [µTorrent 1.8.2 (61.0)]: Got Request while choked: 2163:1703936->16384"

does that mean that I'm getting a seeder?? am I the one who is choked or is it the peer who is choked =( ??

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My internet connection speed is at most 384 kbit/sec. Also, my port seems fine as a green check appears in my uTorrent. I have read the FAQ and set up my firewall to allow uTorrent (and my port number) to pass. I did a speedtest and my results are:


I have also enabled the following:

Protocol Encryption


BTW, the flags of my seeder usually show either ud OS HX or Ud HX.

Hope you can help, =)

~ by need_seed {N_S}

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oh...I see...

here is my speedtest result when uTorrent is active:



also, the torrent I'm downloading has almost equal seeders and leechers/peers (if they seed to)...although I can still download at a very high speed before even if the torrent has many peers

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Actually, I was worried your first speed pic was when uTorrent was active -- since it's so slow.

Unless that testing site is slow to you, you connection seems to only be ~512 kilobits/second down and ~128 kilobits/second up.

That means you probably need to use the 128 kilobit/second upload settings from 2nd link in my signature.

Disable Resolve IPs...and possibly DHT...and see if that helps a little.

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I have disablet Resolve IP's but not DHT because most of my seeders are from that option. I followed the tips your second link shows but I only helped a little. BTW, I am downloading 2 torrents at the same time...could that be the reason. Also my 2nd torrent has more leechers (or peers, if they seed :o ) than seeders, but my first torrent has equal seeders and peers.

Can you explain to me why most of my seeders are choked? my 2nd post shows their flags.

also, this my speedtest result for today...uTorrent is active when this test was taken


Current uTorrent download speed: 14kB/s

~need_seed :/

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The Speed Test's results are crippled if uTorrent is active while it's run!

So it's almost meaningless...at best it kind-of shows how much "leftover" bandwidth you have while uTorrent is running, but often its results are even worse than that.

Your uTorrent settings are probably overloading your line on the upload side even though you set the upload speed lower than the line max. :(

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