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green icon, port not forwaded, seeds 0(200+), dl speed = pathetic

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anyone can help me with this?

i have green icon on the bottom (sometimes)

but a test with the utorrent port checker says that

Port 45682 does not appear to be open.

i tried all the methods provided in the utorrent guide

(making sure that firewall did not block utorrent, static ip, stuff)

still no good

the seeds are detected, but no download

it's like


| 0(20) |

same thing for the peers

regardless to say, download speed is zero

help please

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i haven't tried the test torrents you gave

but while searching through solutions

i found the tcpip.sys thing

in which the default value in vista was 10

so, i download the file

and set it to 100

now, it downloads with speed above my expectations

and not that i don't like that

but the icon still switches between yellow and red

port still not open

seeds detected and downloading

any clue what's happening? ~_~

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i followed your conservative settings for 320kbps upload connection

with a bit of modification, i confess

and since i modified a lot of values, i'll tell everything i changed


bt.allow same ip -> true

bt.enable tracker -> true

bt.no connect to services -> false

bt.send have to seed -> false

dht.rate -> 2

gui.bypass search redirect -> true

gui.delete to trash -> false

ipfilter.enable -> false

net.max halfopen -> 150

net.outgoing port -> 50

net.wsaevents -> 150

peer.disconnect inactive interval -> 900

queue. dont count slow ul -> false

queue. dont count slow dl -> false

rss.update interval -> 20


port 45682 (no randomization)

firewall exception -> enabled

UPNP and NAT PMP -> enabled

proxy -> none


upload rate limit -> 30

alternate upload -> disabled

download rate limit -> 40

max no. connection -> 80

max no. connected peers per torrent -> 35

upload slot -> 5

additional upload slot -> enabled


DHT network -> enabled

DHT for new torrents -> disabled

local peer discovery -> enabled

ask tracker for scrape info -> enabled

enable peer exchange -> enabled

limit local peer bandwidth -> disabled

protocol encrypt -> enabled and allow legacy connection


active torrent -> 10

active download -> 10

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In my guide for 320 kilobit/sec upload speeds, it's ok to allow 3 downloading torrents at once because that doesn't exceed the max active torrents at once...the catch is, there's a fair chance all 3 will download slower than doing 1 or 2 at a time.

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i don't know for sure

the torrent downloads are fast

but the icon is still yellow

all the steps you ask, i followed

all are basically back to default

port still not forwarded

is there a problem with my modem?

i followed the guide on portforward.com

i set up my static ip address

i placed the port i wanted

and the modem says, it has already been done

so, not the modem?

if you say it was the ISP

my friend, using the same ISP

the same package, and the same programs (uTorrent)

his utorrent displays green icon though

okay, i think this info will help shed light to the problem

recently, i downloaded a chinese program

which practically downloads video with seeding technique

does it affect utorrent?

and since its chinese, and i'm not well-versed in chinese

(my dad wanted it)

i don't know how to configure it

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