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1.8.3 Build 15358 - Incorrect Upload Limit & Scheduler


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Running 1.8.3 Build 15358 under Windows XP

Scheduler has been enabled

Time period marked as seeding only

Alternative Upload Rate Set (90) when not downloading with Tick Box Selected..

Global Maximum Upload Rate Set (40)

Two torrents, one seeding the other set to downloading however Status Bar / scheduler (correctly) reports utorrent is set to Seeding Only mode.

Issue: UTorrent will incorrectly set the maximum upload rate ( to 40) as defined in the global upload rate because utorrent thinks it is downloading however this is incorrect because the scheduler has set utorrent to seeding only and thus NO torrent(s) are downloading. In this case (Scheduler set Seeding Only) the Maximum upload rate should be should be set to the Alternative Upload Rate until downloading is enabled by the scheduler.

Please Note: Stopping the downloading torrent will set the upload rate to the Alternative Upload Rate thus the Alternative Upload Rate setting is correct just not correctly applied in this case.

PS: Extra thanks for this mighty fine piece of software ;)

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So, the alternate upload rate limit is not applied to the rate, but is it correctly reported in the speed graph?

If not, I assume it changes when you stop and start the torrent, since it works then?

I'm trying to narrow down where the problem is. The code around the scheduler seems fine, it does update the global rate limit properly.

Looking into this some more, this is not a regression, is it? This has been the behavior forever, right?

The fix was simple anyway, it will be in the 1.8.3 release.

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