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How to get more upload?


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I hope this is the right forum for my question and I didn't find an answer around.

On some trackers i have to keep a good ratio but sometime I find it difficult with uTorrent. When a torrent has lots of seeders but smaller percent of leechers I think this client tends to connect me only to seeders so I'm unable to keep a good ratio. I can't upload when I finish downloading because my computer stays on 8h/day so I can have problems on those trackers.

I tested a few clients and I like uTorrent a lot except from this point of view where I observed other clients working more as I would like. I say this only based on observations but I spent some time on it. Also on some clients I can stop the dld at (eg:) 30% and keep seeding so I mentain a good ratio all the way. I can't do this with with uTorrent. I tryed to limit my dld to the minimum minimum (1k) but is no use because it connects me to seeders in that case too.

If I'm missing something about how to set my client please help me.


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Thanks for your answer.

I tryed your solution but the problems stays the same: it connects me to seeders so no way to make upload.

But also a strange thing: I did exactly as you sayed, all files are to be skiped but it says it downloads with as much speed I permited for that torrent. I had about 30% of those files and when I skiped all it sayed about 90%. Why not 100%?

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