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Help with Data Error Cyclic Redundancy Check as it applies to me


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Thanks for taking the time to read my post...it's quite long.

I'm running a Win XP Pro SP2 mcahine and I have uTorrent and PeerGuardian 2 installed.

I already searched the forums here and also Googled this problem. I did kinda find out what it means, but am still unclear about a few things and how this applies to my situation.

1) So in my search results, I found where some say: "Your hard drive is going bad. It's not a matter of if, but when it will permanently go bad."

Other results say: "It's just a bad sector, use chkdsk on Windows to fix the problem." This implies to me that the hard drive obviously has problems, but may not be going bad (e.g., it's fixable with SpinRite).

Also, I understand that this issue may not a be uTorrent issue, but it only happens when I'm running uTorrent and has occurred 4 times in the last month. The last time was this morning/last last night...I noticed when I checked my torrents this morning.

2) I obviously have uTorrent installed on my C drive (a SCSI drive), but have uTorrent save all the active and completed torrents and downloads on a storage volume, my F drive (an IDE drive).

I read this in a forum post (like 3 yrs. ago when I first started using uTorrent) where someone recommended this. Something about decreasing the chances of a "bad peer" from accessing your hard drive and also, taking a bit of the load off the hard drive.

So, this makes me wonder does the 2 different types of hard drives (SCSI and IDE) cause a problem with uTorrent?

Also, does storing the torrents and downloads on 2 different volumes cause problems for uTorrent or was the person who recommended this incorrect?

3) Finally, if this is a hard drive problem, then how do I tell which hard drive has the Data Error Cyclic Redundancy problem given that I have uTorrrent installed on the C drive and the files and torrents installed on the F drive?


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