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Why utorrent take over my computer??


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Hi, I've looked in the forums, but I haven't found 1 post that is anything remotely close to this. I was downloading a torrent, I was at like 95% when about 20 different utorrents started up. Now everytime I try to open anything, utorrent window pops up and I get an error message saying it's unable to load...for instance when I try to open system information, a dialog box pops up that says "Unable to load "msinfo32.exe": Invalid torrent file"

it doesn't matter what I try to open, task manager, system restore, whatever. I can't remove it, I can't download and reinstall it, I can't do anything, luckily I can get online...I tried fixing from safe mode, I tried last known configuration, and I'm at a loss for what to do next.

I'm running Vista home premium Service pack 1

OH, and I noticed the utorrent went from the 1.8.2 to the 1.8.3 Beta version without me doing anything


Please help me!!

= q

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i haven't opened up any files that I've downloaded, I downloaded one audio torrent and was in the process of downloading a software application when this happened. I can reload the torrent but I can't open it because it says it isn't a valid torrent file

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