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i am in SOOOOOOO much trouble


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I just tossed out everything related to Azureus so that I could join the uTorrent community.

It has taken me OVER a day to finally be able to download a file and, honestly, I still don't know how i did it.

NOW, i can't play these legal files as I used to, and the only way I can describe the download is this:

The icon next to the download is:

...that thing that looks like a page with the top right-hand corner

folded over and some icons (red, blue and some other color i think)

on that page....

I have NEVER been able to open those files.

When I went to my folder where these completed downloads are stored and i right-clicked the torrent it asked me "open with" and I pointed to "Media Player Classic" which I always use and it said "Can not render file"... I then tried LAN and whatever else i had.... but; nada, nothing would work... PLUS that icon is now changed to my media player classic icon and i don't know how to change that back to the one i can't play anyway.

H E L P, please

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OK I see the odd looking icons, but those correspond to filetypes I had to go to http://filext.com to find out what they do. It would have helped more if it was a picture of the file(s)/folder(s) that you can't get to open in uT.

As far as your current settings those are standard, but you may get better results by doing the http://utorrent.com/documentation/connection-setup because it will show you your tested linespeed, which is what you select in the drop-down there :D

Feel free to link more pics. Remember if you select the FORUM (1) you only need to click in the box, Ctrl-C or right click > copy to copy it, then paste (Ctrl-V) into the quick reply box at the bottom here or into your own post. You don't need to paste two boxes from the same upload. YOU are getting there. And you did it all yourself :)

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the downloads page is a problem... the downloads to and downloads in....

for some reason what is happening is 2 copies of each download and then somehow i get a third that is playable...

i just dunno but will send more pix later after i babysit a cute little puppy and plant a magnolia tree (laff)... things we have to do.

Cheers, Lexi (later)

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where am i when i do ctrl-P do i open word or??? (yes, this is ALL new to me)

sincerely, DUH


also, i want to send all of the directories from uTorrent but then you see what i am downloading and i don't want you to 'pull your hair out' (and mine) but i don't know how to edit that screen.

DUH again.

OH; also, i found that silly looking page in one of the series i downloaded, but i can't remove the series name... may still send a copy to you..... also would like to send you the page of programs where you see the download 3 times; two do not work and one is perfect.


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I'm really sorry about the delay :`(

I see your PMs unfortunately I don't really want to reply by them as this might be useful to someone else later. Though I will admit if you're worried about your personal data you can use the PM function on those individual pictures if you want.

I don't mean the explorer windows with your downloaded data, in uT Preferences are Ctrl-P > Directories is where I would like the screenshot.

I'm also not sure about the multiple 2 out of 3 you're talking about :/ I understand you seem to have the data downloaded multiple times. So you're saying it's incomplete 1 of the three and apparently complete the other 2?

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AHHA! OK After only looking at the first set of pictures. I have your problem.

First however please close uTorrent. Please use the menu, File > Exit. Then when it disappears from task manager, you should download the newest version from http://utorrent.com/downloads/

I understand and appreciate the need to keep your username private but I don't think we need to look at anything sensitive now.

The icon you're seeing is for your TORRENT files being associated with MPC apparently. In the new 1.8 version you are downloading, you will be able to re-associate with 1 click in the preferences. It will be under Ctrl-P > General. Click Associate with torrent files, and you should be good to go.

Regarding the data, when you use mspaint, you can use the rectangle tool and fill out any spaces you don't want, rather than try to rewrite / comment out specifics. In those instances for folders, I'd use View > Details so at least you only have to make 1 rectangle for filenames. And the same for any torrent views in uT. You don't need to make multiple pictures. Selecting ALL in the category pane (F7-- what you were selecting before with Active Inactive, etc) would suffice for 1 picture of your total torrent list. Just block out the name column.

I did a similar thing with http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?pid=409781#p409781 all the colorization I used with the oval/rectangle tool and used either FILL or OUTLINE mode.

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WOW, thanks.

But, the site that I so love for its torrents suggests this is the best version of uTorrent and most of them use it, i was wondering if we could fix it without upgrading which i have turned off for that reason.

I could just keep deleting those association files i guess but there must be an easier was to keep this version.

You are the super-tech... what say you oh master (giggles)


As for the rest of the information; i am SO thankful. I have NEVER worked in mspaint so this is a terrific experience... and i love the new brain material. Cheers

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I just don't know HOW to change the association, i would with guidance if you are willing ?

The folders to trash was easy I just keep the one with the windows media icon next to it (as that one plays) and the other two that once had those funny file associations next to them but now have the media player classic icon in a square next to them... well those get turfed.

Should be an easier way of doing this.... but my mind doesn't have that s a v v y.


Cheers, Lexi

Another problem is ... when the torrent downloads... i see it says the word 'seeding' but i am 0 connected to seeds, but have some connection to peers.

I NEED to seed in order to get my ratio up on the site i like so much.

Am i seeding or ??? I don't understand that?

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http://filext.com is the resource I use whenever I have filetype related questions :)

File Associations are accessed via Tools > Folder Options > File Types from any explorer window.

While seeding it's kinda silly to connect to other seeds isn't it? If it says SEEDING in status, you are seeding. You need to connect to peers/many peers who are interested in your data to raise your ratio. You can see individual ratios on your torrents from the General tab in uT with any torrent selected.

That should be it ;) Just try only seeding for a while, and see if you can bump up your upload limit maybe 5 KiB/sec. Over an hour that's an additional 18 megs and every bit helps.

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Okay, finally, i get what you are saying.

Thank-you so much for your time and that tech brain of yours.

I may be back.

Meanwhile, i understand that I am sitting with the puppy tomorrow and maybe some gardening....ahhhhhhh it's nice being in the burbs...

Contact me any time if I do anything to help you.

Cheers, Lexi

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