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Speed suddenly became slow


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Hi i have a problem with the dowload speed that i get with my torrent. What has happened is initially my download speed was going at around 20KB/s on average, this is around the max speed i usually get and i'm uploading at 1KB/s which i'm limiting. After downloading the files till about 60% the speed suddenly dropped and the speed becomes unpredictable. The speed usually remains around 0-10KB/s but sometimes goes above that. I know it has nothing to do with my ISP and the settings i am using as i have downloaded other torrents using the same settings fine. I do get the green tick at the bottom and port forwarding does work, utorrent has been added to the firewall exception list. i have followed the first 2 guides in Switeck's signature:



i have suspicions it may be because i've been downloading the files sequentially rather than all at once. But i've ruled out this suspicion as i have allowed utorrent to download all the files at once for a few minutes and it still occurs. I have nothing else running that requires the internet. another suspicion of mine would be the amount of seeds and peers i am getting, but the numbers i'm getting ( 4-6(13)seeds & 10-13(33)peers) still would get me to maximum speed (I have reached my max speed with 2 seeds and about 13 peers) when i was just starting to download the torrent. i have also not gone over my download limits as i have checked quite recently. the availability in the General tab is always above 1.0000 so i know i can complete the torrent.

I am current using utorrent 1.8.2.

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My guide has no settings for only 1 KB/sec upload speed. Are you on dial-up?

4th link in my signature...you may only have pieces that other peers already have, so they are VERY reluctant to upload to you. This can occur for LONG after you revert to "regular" downloading, as you likely have few or no particularly "rare" pieces to share.

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