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Show in Finder not working...


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howdy. no idea how to start to trouble shoot this one, so here is what I have had happen.

Fired up the laptop, (macbook 2.2, 4 gigs) plugged in the external which is where utorrent saves files, and fired up utorrent. Have a large torrent inbound, was at 60% when I left home. something went haywire, and it shows 0%. files still exist in the directory, and the portions that I know were complete, still are uncorrupted.

figured I would try the 'show in finder' option on some of my other completed downloads... but it doesn't work. files are there, but it doesn't link to them. didn't change any settings that I know of, but the laptop has been weird the last couple of days, so who knows.

other things i have tried

restart of the system

restart of finder (i didn't, the computer did)

re-download the torrent file (it autoadded, but same problems)

ran the daily/weekly/monthly maintenance scripts

currently scanning the system with clamxav

have ONyx ready to run once clamx is done (that seemed to fix the memory leak issues I had last month)

oh, this might be important...

Version (15399)


seems i found a solution, if someone else has the problem. for the developers, i think it all stems from not having the download location accessible, (i.e. external drives not connected) when utorrent is trying to download. it created a new directory in /volume and downloaded to there. since /volume is hidden, ( i think, only had the mac a year, and not sure how the structure works) it couldn't 'show in finder"

i went into preferences, and reselected the proper download location, and now things seem to be hunky dorry...

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