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1.4.1 build 411 doesn't delete directory when delete torrent+data


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Maybe no one notice that before but when i do "right click on a torrent > delete > torrent+data" it deletes all the files into the dir (this is ok) but it doesn't delete the container directory itself.

Here's an example for explaining it in a better way :

1. I choosed a default Download dir for all my torrents (all my downloads goes to this dir "Default_download_dir")

2. While i'm downloading the file Sample_Torrent.Torrent, a root dir for this torrent is created inside the default DL dir, like that:

\Default_download_dir\ -- contains:

\Sample_Torrent\ -- the container dir created for the Sample_Torrent.Torrent, which one contains the files:




Then after i choosed "delete all" and i go to my default_download_dir, i got:

\Default_download_dir\ -- contains:

\Sample_Torrent\ -- which is empty (files have been well deleted)

but the container dir should have be deleted with all the files ?

I noticed that few times since this 411 beta but maybe the previous beta was also doing this...can't remember...

Hope it can help...just let us know if someone has already experienced this troubleshooting ?

To end with, i would want to thank very much all of you, µTorrent team. Cheers.

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