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"Seed While" logic does not match description


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The seed while screen says the following:

Seed While [Default values]

Ratio is: <= xxx% OR seeding time is: <= (min)

If you fill in both fields one would expect that when a torrent is either at it's ratio goal OR the specified time limit, that the torrent will have met the seeding goal. However, reality shows us that if you set both options utorrent seems to do something like this instead:

Seed While

Ratio is: <= xxx% AND seeding time is: <= (min)

I have only been able to test this case so far for a torrent that reaches the ratio goal first, which then waits for the amount of time specified to lapse, however, in a few hours I will have the opposite case as well. This will show whether or not utorrent ignores the ratio setting completely when a time limit is specified or if it is waiting for both goals to be reached.

The description field should be changed to describe the logic behind the scenes or, more preferably, the logic in the code should be changed to perform like the settings pane describes.

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I read through ultima's post and understood a bit too late. One definitely does think that while configuring you are setting limits for seeding, when you are in fact setting multiple seed requrements. Once I looked at the logic examples of the heat he posted it made perfect sense.

It still would be nice to have a logic to change it from requirements to limits, i.e. change while to until, but that is a feature request that is already in place from the looks of it.

In the meantime i'm planning to write a service of sorts that can query the webui and do this for me manually!

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