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More flexible torrent display by status


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Instead of the current one, it allow us to only select "All" or specific status only.

What is in my mind that is, allow us to choose which status category to exclude or include and so on.

I hope you got what I mean.


1) Include Download & Completed - Showing download and completed only

2) Exclude Inactive - Show all except inactive

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Ctrl-click on categories. Technically as-is they are very limiting because the options are mutually exclusive, either the torrent is complete or incomplete. Either it is active or inactive. If you don't want inactive, only select active. If you only want active seeders Ctrl-click Seeding+Active. Whereas the categories are exclusive when you incorporate user-defined labels they are inclusive. Therefore if you want to see all PBS and NPR you ctrl-click on both and both groups of torrents show up. Combine that with the afforementioned categories and thus you can select only those torrents in those labels which interest you.

I offer these as a possible explanation which is lacking elsewhere, because there's not much else you can do besides make default "categories" as boolean and have filtration based upon that. Ideally http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=3735 can be (re)implemented at some point.

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