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Connection issues


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2 issues here

1: If my connections drop down to zero, ie im not connected to any seeders or leechers for an hr or two, my port will show as not being forwarded, trackers start showing me as not connectable

i am not behind a router or firewall.

the only way to fix the problem, is to restart utorrent on a different port, i can then go back to the old port no problemo

2: i have the web ui set up to use a different port. when restarting utorrent i cannot access the web ui on this port, i have to turn off the alternate port option, access the web ui on the conncections port, close web ui, reactivate the alternate port, sometimes have to do that a couple of times.

any help is appreciated

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What other security software/suite/firewall do you use?

The unforwarded status, is that according to the icon? Or due to the port test? Are you using UPnP or NAT-PMP, if not you don't need them enabled in Preferences.

Use a tool like http://live.sysinternals.com/tools/tcpview.exe to see which ports uT is actually opening. So you setup WebUI, ticked change default port, Apply/OK?

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