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uTorrent not working with Windows 7. Connection Closed By Peer


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I've installed Windows 7 RC one week ago. Now when i want to download something uTorrent says connection closed by peer. It sometimes starts after a while (3 or 4 hours). It's not a problem of my ISP because on Windows XP it's working fine.

Besides that, uTorrent doesn't seem to be able to open the port. I added manually two rules for the firewall. Those rules are for the Private, Public and Domain access. One is for UDP, the other for TCP for ANY port. In actions I've set (as some post here said) to allow connections.

However, it doesn't work. The log says the following:

[2009-05-21 20:51:52] IPv6 is installed

[2009-05-21 20:51:52] Got Teredo Address: 2001:0:4137:9e50:ce2:1563:4108:d37a

[2009-05-21 20:52:04] NAT-PMP: Unable to map port with NAT-PMP.

[2009-05-21 20:52:35] UPnP: ERROR mapping TCP port 6753 -> Deleting mapping and trying again: (10060) Unknown result code (UPnP protocol violation?)

[2009-05-21 20:52:55] UPnP: ERROR removing TCP port 6753: (10060) Unknown result code (UPnP protocol violation?)

[2009-05-21 20:53:15] UPnP: ERROR mapping TCP port 6753 -> (10060) Unknown result code (UPnP protocol violation?)

Does someone know what can I do?


EDIT: I might also add that uTorrent doesn't seem to work with private trackers because DHT and Peer exchange is not allowed. With public trackers, they are allowed and it downloads, but it downloads slower than XP because the tracker says Connection Closed by peer anyway.

I don't know what DHT and Peer exchange are, but it seems that they make uTorrent work despite the fact that the connection was closed by peer.

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And did you try to forward manually a port in your router to see if UPnP is broken?

Choose a port with high number (49152 through 65535) in uT, disable NAT-PMP, UPnP and random port at each start.

Forward this port in your router (TCP & UDP) with your local IP

On public trackers, you can enable or disable DHT but on private trackers, DHT, PEX & LPD are disabled (because of private flag of the .torrent).

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You're right. If I Foward manually the port to my IP from the router, those errors are not shown anymore, but the download still doesn't start and the "Connection closed by peer" still remains.

Thanks for the answer

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