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uploads go to shit when i download


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I can be seeding 5 or more torrents just fine speeds are great but as soon as i add one download my seeds stop all together and wont start up again unless i stop the download and restart utorrent

thing is a few months ago before i reformated i never had this problem

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im using 1.8.2 latest build

my average uplod speed i between 112 and 125

settings are




Funny pat is its temperamental sometimes downloads and uploads work at the same time other times they dont and it takes a long time for the uploads to start seeding while downloading at full roar or it doesn't even come back until i restart my computer

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I never once had to use the speed guide with u torrent i never had a problem my speeds have always been great.

I swear its not my settings

My upload speed is 1mbit a little more sometimes

15mbps down

some downloads drop my uploads and at other times some downloads dont drop my uploads

when it does happen i have a download running with 30 peers and my 5 uploads go from between 15 to 35 average to fighting to even maintain 0.1

Look at this image below


before i added the jesse jane pack my uploads were flourishing

but soon as i added the jesse jane pack they went to shit , the deadly harvest download has no affect on my seeds, if i got rid of jesse jane and only downloaded deadly harvest y seeds would come back to speed

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Whether or not you haven't had problems before could you try lowering your settings to xx/1Mbit analogs? I won't spend the time talking about Force Starting ;) as I see you're the initial seed for most of those torrents. Is that low connectivity normal for you 25-33%?

Your ISP... is it mentioned around here as being one of those interfering ones? I would also see whether changing Ctrl-P > BitTorrent settings to enabled/forced encryption and dis-allow legacy connections has any affect on your speed. Are you running WLAN? :/ Are you downloading to an external HDD?

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I am in Canada yes I use SHAW and in my area i am throttle free i know that for a fact I am also using wireless yes but never had problem im using WRT54GL 4 Port Wireless G Broadband Router Linux Version 54MBPS 802.11G 802.11B with the latest tomato firmware I am using 4 external hdds with my laptop

Thing is i never ever had a problem until now


Ok this is weird all i did was in check allow legacy connections and poof things are running great again

Edit again ok i was mistaken that only temporally fixed it

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How long did the speed boost last? Speed tab archive may help you pinpoint?

... They may shape upon a usage profile like RoadRunner (Time Warner Cable) does. 15 minutes on, 15 minutes off. Such that if I upload > 60% of my usage for 15 minutes, I assuredly get crappy upload for the next 15.

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Ok, I admit I've had the same problem before myself...but typically only under extreme conditions, such as using local peers/seeds while also uploading to the internet. Here's an example of that using uTorrent v1.8.1:


Someone else had a clearer picture of internet-only download/upload problems:


These 2 posts may be distantly related to the same problem...or complete red herrings:



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