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Bi-Polar speeds?


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I'd like to say first that im a newb with BitTorrent, i've used it to download music albums at like 20kbps which is fine by me, though i've only downloaded like 2 as of right now.

So. I read the "IF YOU HAVE SPEED ISSUES READ HERE FIRST"(http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=15992#p258231) and i've done the setup guide.

Here's the problem.

Before i did the setup guide my download for Queen- A night at the opera; was only downloading between .01 to 5 kbps, then when i did the setup guide it went to 7 kpbs then back to the .01 to 5 kpbs range.

Then i read the "TRYING IT OUT" part of this page http://www.utorrent.com/documentation/connection-setup

I went to the Open Office page and

1.) Picked my system(Windows)

2.) Picked the version(picked the newest one; 3.1.0)

3.) Picked my language(english)

DL'd it with FDM, when i got the file i opened it with Utorrent to download it.

I noticed that while the speed of my Night at the Opera was only like 1kpbs to 6 kpbs my Open Office download was going up so fast and so high, even reaching up to 150kpbs while my Queen download was still so low.

When it was at 150 kbps i paused the download then all of a sudden my queen download started to go higher and higher while my Open Office download was going lower, evening it out. The Queen download peeked at 40 kbps which i am fine with, but the problem was that after like 1 minute it got lower and lower back to the 1-6 range.

Now i dont know what to do with the Open Office when its done downloading because i saw that it said "You dont need to download the whole thing, just enough to get you to your full speed" or something like that.

Can anyone tell me what to do with the Open Office and how to fix my UTorrent? As my Queen download is back to 5 kpbs and i cant do anything about it.

Important things to know:

When i download with FDM its normally around 50 Kbps

My Open Office dl can go up to 150 kpbs while my Queen download stays at 5kpbs

Open Office Seeds is 78(258) and Peers is 1(101)

Queen is 15(57) Peers is 2(61)

I also have other questions like, why arent i using all my seeds and peers? But my most important question is what to do to avoid my bipolar download speeds?

Thanks everyone

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HTTP is not bittorrent traffic :/ Unfortunately some ISPs shape only bittorrent traffic through automated means. Have you searched for your ISP on here?

It sounds like you have 1.5Mbit download... what upload speed do you sustain in uT? Going through the troubleshooting sticky, have you tried reducing the number of total connected peers and changing/setting Enabled/Forced encryption and disallowing legacy connections?

If you wish you can install OpenOffice or simply delete it to the trash. You can use the remove toolbar icon, but you may want to change via right click the remove action, delete torrent +data will remove the file from your computer. You can remove it to the trash or direct delete. OR you can just remove the torrent (default action) from the list and delete the data you downloaded from explorer.

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