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Hide completed stopped torrents from view


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Advanced seeding feature request.

A tickbox (or something else) to temporarily hide the completed torrents that have been stopped so it will be possible to manage and monitor the remaining seeding torrents in the 'Completed' category view.


This way the remaining seeding torrents could be sorted on 'seeds' for example. So quickly can be seen which torrents have very low seeds and thus could enabled to seed if there's not much bandwith available to seed all torrents.

Now only sorting on 'status' separates the completed ones from the others, but no further sorting could be done on the remaining seeding torrents.

Extremely helpful if you have many completed torrents but there are so much of them, that a big part of them are stopped (to seed other times). These completed stopped torrents decrease the usability of the overview to manage/monitor the seeding torrents (which results in less seeding efficiency of people who try to seed to keep torrents alive)

Other option: to sort on multiple criteria, e.g.: status>seeds


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Thanks, shift click does the job.

For the inactive/active: (COMPLETED/ACTIVE category view) doesn't help, as active seeds which aren't uploading don't show up in the ACTIVE category view.

(as for the one request per thread: I mentioned two options for the problem to be solved by one new feature, nevermind)

Hopefully this will be helpful for future searchers, thanks again.

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