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Utorrent is not all it can be slow downloads etc


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I got a new cpu and utorrent loaded the 1.8.2 version on it.

1)When I try to download something that has over 1300 seeds, it connects to one and I get the red downarrows of death.

2)Additionally, I used to be able to leave my cpu on for days and download and seed but recently it seems that after a couple hours it kicks off or something, and I pretty much have to reboot to restart downloads. Is this a utorrent problem, a cpu problem or a wireless problem?

I have been using utorrent for about a year but am pretty much a newbie someone set it up for me and I havent messed with any settings.

3)I have seen that others are getting 100 and more kbs per download, how do I speed mine up?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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