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Utorrent and Bell Sympatico Unexpected Speed Boost


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I'm currently using the uTorrent 1.9 Beta (build 14981) and my ISP is Bell Sympatico, which as some may know is one of the worst ISPs for Bittorent as they perform Deep Packet Inspection which usually leaves me with BT speeds of about 30KB/s (up&down).

Therefore I was quite surprised to find out that even though I had my uTorrent upload capped at 30KB/s it was uploading at 90KB/s +, see attached pic.


The situation wouldn't be so surprising if it weren't for the fact that uTorrent was disobeying the imposed upload cap, as it could have just been that Bell stopped throttling for a bit (although 90KB/s is quite High for Bell regardless).

Also I saw no use of "Local Peer Discovery" which could have explained it as well.

The only explanation that I can think of is that the new uTorrent 1.9 Beta feature "uTP" some how was activated even though it showed no indication of working before, my "bt.transp_disposition" is set to "15".

Any thoughts/Possible Explanations?


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Total Uploaded: 68.1 GB

Total Downloaded: 33.5 GB

Total Ratio: 2.032

Total Running Time: 1782:56:25

Number of torrents added: 128

Program launched: 36 times

Last launched: 22/05/2009 11:11:11 PM

# incoming conns since start: 68637

# outgoing conns since start: 3324

# handshake: 65844

# connections: 154

# uTP connecting: 14

# TCP connecting: 8

# half-open: 8 (0 queued)

Yes, I should have mentioned that in my first post but I did wonder as well if it was truly reporting the correct data rate being transfered, I have a Linksys WRT54GS with Tomato firmware, so heres a pic of my WAN port Bandwidth Graph for the past 4 hours, you can see that the upload speed has dropped back closer to normal in the last little while.


"net.calc_overhead" is set to "true"

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Well you could try the calc_overhead FALSE. There are conflicting reports whether it's a problem unto itself. You may find your upload limited farther below the set limit if so. Changing it does not require a reboot.

Only 150 connections-- blah I wish they had a "current UTP" and "current TCP", RFC I guess-- Do you notice alot of peers which have [uTP] tag at the end?

As far as the capability for increased upload... maybe they are upgrading your capacity :D

Another thread for "Is UTP causing insane upload" right now. If you get more information feel free to share it. I'm not sure what details would be needed, as I'm not aware of specific issues they're investigating re: UTP at this time.

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After setting "net.calc_overhead" to "false" the upload rate in utorrent is much closer (just below) the cap of 30KB/s that I set. So it seems that my "Speed Boost" was just overhead data :( .

Though there seems to be some good news, when I increase my upload cap to 60KB/s, my utorrent upload rate follows suit at approx 59KB/s, usually Bell enforces their throttling the most between 4pm and 2am, so going strong at 5pm is a good sign :) .

As for the "uTP" flags, yes I do notice that approx half of the peers have them, as well I have a few Ipv6 peers who ALL have "uTP" flag.

My ISP Bell Sympatico not only introduced p2p throttling but also a Bandwidth Cap that I am exempt to, supposedly because I am considered a legacy customer (probably due to my old contract with them) but because of this the pricing of my service Plan is outdated as well, though I did notice just now that they started charging more, so that may having something to do with an increase in speed.

Well at the very least I am able to circumvent their Throttling for now, I just hope its something to with "uTP" and not some mistake that my ISP made and will soon correct :/

Thanks for your Help.

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Thank you for the updated information and investigation :D

Hopefully you won't be shaped back down come the end of the month :/ I'd also look online for their AUP/FUP policy links, whether they specify people who aren't quota'd can get certain speeds and are shaped otherwise. Also if you can find out additional information which may be relevant to other customers regarding changing peak hours, I'm sure the other canadian users would appreciate it.

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