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uTorrent does not install... but it does.


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Right, I'm not sure weather or not this is a problem, but I'm guessing it is.

I downloaded the installer, ran it, all seemed to go well. Installed.

Now this is where I come across the peculiar problem.

uTorrent isn't in Program Files (x86) or in Program Files, It's not on the list of installed programs, it's not on my start menu, and it isn't listed in windows installer cleanup. But when I try to run the installer, uTorrent starts. But I can't set uTorrent as my default download program for torrents.

It's like it's not installed, but I can still run it.

I'm using Windows Vista Ultimate 64x, band new install.

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I am having almost his exact same problem. I installed utorrent today and it appeared that it worked. I have utorrent open and downloading (good speeds, etc.). My torrents even have the utorrent symbol so I would say it worked.

But here's where the problem is... despite all that my computer doesn't appear to recognize that I actually have the program. There is no folder in my start menu, no folder in program files folder (where i installed it) and it is not listed in my add/remove programs. If I close the program the only way I can open it up again is either running the installer again (same result) or opening one of my torrents.

Not really sure where to even start with this. I just formatted my computer yesterday (utorrent worked fine previously) and have not installed any different programs or anything after the format. I am running Vista Home Premium x86.

Interesting that this is occuring for both myself and the OP on a new install of Vista....

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Running the installer and hitting cancel on some version let utorrent run standalone - this setting is recognized by utorrent.

If you want to get it installed in "C:\Program Files\uTorrent" you should run a different version (1.8.3 beta or the 1.9 alpha - no damage of your files will happen) exit it after run or install and restart your stable version of utorrent.

You'll be asked again where to install and can accept now.

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