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Web U.I dont show seeds and peers.


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I have searched through the topics that would help me, but i did not find anything.

When i upload a torrent, the Web Interface shows 0(1) for seeds and 0(0) for peers for some hours, and then the seeds go as well 0(0), but in the program it shows a number. The torrent itself have peers and seeds. I did not notice when this happened, but i tried uploading uTorrent to 1.8.2 and it still happened. As i noticed the 0.361 version of Web U.I. is the last one. I don't know that else to do.

If you know something that can help me, tell me.

Thanks, Xalathal

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Thanks for the answer.

I read something like that in another topic.

I realized that that this isn't the true problem. This happens too in the real program, but this isn't the thread for the program, so i will go there and make another topic. Thanks for the help.

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