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A method to maximise upload bandwidth


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Hello -

I set my upload B/W to about 52 KB p/s - that's my true speed, a speed that can be

maintained without problem.

I have about 5 torrents seeding,and about 5 torrents in "queued seed" - (these torrents

have active peers) . The problem is, my upload is only about 25 KB p/s.

Half of it is wasted. Under what circumstances will those queued seed open

(if at all) to (perhaps ) maximize my upload B/W ?

Thanks for any info.

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There are advanced settings in uTorrent to tell it to not count slow downloading and/or uploading torrents against max limit ...and start more if torrents are going slow.

If it's a problem of pathetic peers not downloading from you at a reasonable rate...could it be due to your ISP throttling BitTorrent traffic?

And make sure you allow at least 2 upload slots PER torrent, due to a uTorrent bug when using just one:


In any case, make sure the "allow additional upload slots" option is checked.

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