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uTORRENT doesnt check a file


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The Bug wa sfound in the latest beta version of uTORRENT 1.8.3 beta {build 15520}.

iT was working fine till 1.8.2, but as s00n as i upgraded to 1.8.3, this bug was found.

The Bug is:

Suppose i m download a file named LINUX.

The file is placed in Z:/LINUX/LINUX.iso

iT iS 45% complete.

But suddenly i realise that it is in wrong directory, so i STOP the torrent & copy the file frm

Z:/LINUX/LINUX.iso to X:/softs/LINUX.iso

after copying i delete the torrent frm uTORRENT & run the torrent once again with the file directry specified as X:/softs/LINUX.iso.

So now it should start checking the file HOW MUCH IT HAS BEEN DOWNLOADED & THEN START DOWNLOADING FRM THAT POINT, in this case 45%.

But it doesnt do that instead it download the file from the beginning i.e 0%.

So pls. fIX this bug, due to this bug i m shifting to uTORRENT 1.8.2


The same problem the other way.

Suppose i have downloaded a file LINUX.iso {completed 100%}

& then delete the torrent frm uTORRENT.

after somedays some LEECHERS come & i want to SeeD THAT file.

so i load that torrent once again & chosse LINUX.iso.

So after that it should check the file till 100% & it should start seeding.

But it starts the file to download frm 0%.

So is ths the BUG right ?????

Pls. solve the bug as s00n as possible

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Confirmed here too... 15520 does not checking existing files.

Steps to recreate:

-Setup default folder locations for torrent dropbox, downloading torrents, downloading files, complete torrents, and complete files.

-Setup to add ".!ut" extension to incomplete files.

-Drop torrent file in drop box and let download complete. Resulting files will be located in your completed files folder and torrent will be in your completed torrents folder.

-Right click the torrent entry in uTorrent GUI and select "Remove"

-Drag the torrent file from your completed torrents folder to your torrent drop box. Results in file inside your completed files folder being renamed with ".!ut" extension and download starts from 0% (correct behavior should be checks existing files and then set to "Finished" status.

-Right click torrent in uTorrent GUI and select "Stop"

-Right click torrent in uTorrent GUI and select Force re-check. Results in file being checked, then immediately set to "Finished" status.

Looking forward to 1.8.4b !

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