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uTorrent - Speed/Connection problem


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Hi guys/girls.

Yet another post regarding connection problems but having spent hours to trying to solve the problem myself I require your help.

I have a Netgear WGT624v3 router. Its connected to a cable modem and my internet connection is almost 10mb.

I have previously been using a different application on my pc but heard good things about uTorrent so decided to use this on my laptop first and see how it goes. On my prev application my connection was fine and open etc as i have portforwarded.

I have followed port forward for uTorrents and set up static ip on my laptop etc, Ive selected a random port to use in Utorrentz but when i do the test to check if port is open it says nooo. When i run a torrent i constantly get the yellow ! stating no incomming connections etc.. it does not turn green.

I tried to run the few test torrents which ihave seen in a members signiture... now they maxed out my connection but still the symbol at the bottom of the application does not change to green.

So im confused as to whats going on or how i can sort this out.

Any help will be appreciated and if anybody wants further info i can provide that.

Thank You in advance..

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Same issue for me. Mcafee and Windows firewall are both configured and I'm still getting yellow box but my tester says its forwarded correctly. I have been downloading for years now and this is randomly happening in the past week.

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