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This uTorrent looks great, but PLEASE HELP


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I am an Azureus user and it works better than anyone else in my computer. Unfortunately it takes hours to open and sucks my CPU, it's very unconvenient.

So I tried uTorrent and looks fantastic, so fassssssst.

But my download speed is ridiculous. It says that my ports are closed whichever I introduce, so I have been reading all the instructions and following the steps provided at that www.portforward.com thing and it is just a mess. After doing everything step by step to get my static IP, at the end it doesn't tell you where or which one it is. Not only that but most explanations for my own Router (Inventel Livebox) are another joke with an absurd end.

So... two questions if anyone can help...

1- Would openning those ports make a difference in my download speed which so far is 5K average???

2- Does anyone know how to do it in my Inventel Livebox Wanadoo router?

Thank you in advance

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Thank you for your replies.

I guess it's not possible to explain how to do it, which is where I am stuck. Even when I managed to open the ports for eMule with the right explanation, the ones provided in www.portforward.com for uTorrent are incorrect, at least with my router and operating system w98.

Any other web site whjere I could learn how? I have been searching for hours.

Thank you anyway

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