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Manually Moved Comp. Folder, help 4 run program command or webseeds


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I moved some completed downloads and in the torrent bar there is a properties tab and a advanced tab.... in there is a D% - Directory where files are saved.... is this a WebSeeds command?

in this case I moved the folder from "C:\Downloads" to "C:\Downloads\1 Utorrent Complete"

How do I keep my seeds linked where uTorrent knows where the completed files have been relocated?

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This would be the same for completed torrents?

Does this step by step seem right?

Stop the torrent in Utorrent

Move the folder in explorer

Right click stopped torrent,

under Advanced set download location (in this case the torrent is already complete)

press 'play' in Utorrent,

Repeat this process for every torrent I wish to continue to seed and change the 'download directroy' manually for each torrent?

Thanks for your reply

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