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Another Slow Browsing question


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I DL'd µTorrent a few weeks ago and thanks to the Speed thread I was able to get pretty good speeds.

Now, after doing a clean reload of XP Professional SP3 and others apps , and following the direction from the Speed Thread all I can say is my down speed is excellent.

My 2701HG-B is sync'd with BellSouth at 7872 down / 512 up.

This is what I used to set my speed and right now I am seeing 37 kB/s up and testing with Open Office I'm seeing over 500 kB/s down. So this is not really a speed question.

My issue is slow browser speed, slow dl speed with News Rover or DL'ing from CNET etc.

If I pause µTorrent other speeds quickly jump up.

I am running ZoneAlarm as my firewall/AV product and made the adjustments that were suggested for speed. Is there something else I need to do so that µTorrent plays nice?


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